INGLO EV platform

Mahindra Company has created panic in the market by launching its five electric SUV cars simultaneously. It will be offered in XUV.e8, XUV.e9, BE.05, BE.07 and BE.09 cars. The first XUV.e8 will hit the market, which will be launched in 2024. BE.05 will be the first car to go on sale in 2025. These five electric cars have been prepared by the company on the INGLO platform. But do you know what this technology is and whether will things change if it comes into existence? INGLO is a modular electric skateboard, specially designed for bourne electric vehicles (electric vehicles only). The first electric SUV car based on INGLO technology will be available in 2024. The five electric cars that Mahindra has unveiled are divided into two series by the company. In this, the first two cars will be launched under the XUV E series and three cars under the BE series.

Mahindra XUV E8

Mahindra XUV E8 is the first of the five electric cars, which the company will first launch in December 2024. The company has kept the length of this electric car at 4740 mm, width 1900 mm and height 1760 mm with a wheelbase of 2762 mm. The new XUV.e8 electric SUV will get an 80kWh battery pack and all-wheel drive system. It is claimed to deliver power output in the range of 230hp to 350hp.

Mahindra XUV E9

Mahindra XUV E9 is the second car in this series and the company can launch in 2025. Talking about the dimensions of this car, the company has made it 4790mm long, 1905mm wide, and 1690mm high. With this, a wheelbase of 2775mm has been given. It gets LED lighting elements from the XUV.e8, bumper-mounted headlamps and a close-off front grille. It gets a coupe-like design with a flat tail section at the rear. The Coupe EV gets prominent gloss-black cladding all over the body. It is likely to share the battery pack and electric motors with the electric XUV.e8.

Mahindra BE.05

Mahindra is calling the BE.05 a sports electric vehicle due to its design, which is very reminiscent of the Lycan Hypersport, and the dimensions placing it above the likes of the Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos, and below SUVs like the Hyundai Tucson. The company has made this car 4370 mm long, 1900 mm wide, and 1635 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2775 mm.

Mahindra BE.07

Mahindra claims that this SUV will be family-friendly, and the dimensions suggest that the BE.07 could be the Skoda Kodiaq/Volkswagen Tiguan option. The company has kept the same length 4565mm, width of 1900mm and height of 1660mm with a wheelbase of 2775mm in the dimensions of this car.

Mahindra BE.09

With its flamboyant SUV coupe roofline, the BE.09 promises to be the grandest, but other than that, Mahindra hasn’t revealed much about the SUV yet, other than the fact that it can seat four passengers.

Launch date

XUV.e8 – December 2024

XUV.e9 – April 2025

BE.05 – October 2025

BE.07 – October 2026

BE.09 – To be declared

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