Friends, in the world of automobiles, only the internal combustion engine i.e. petrol engine or diesel engine has been running since the first round, but due to the improvement of the battery technology, immediately starting with Tesla, our Indian companies are bringing out their new models of electric cars. Is. It is a different matter that someone’s model is getting success in the market and someone is not getting it. It is certain that the market for electric cars is going to be huge in the coming time. Friends, the topic of our content is what is the advantage of electric cars and what is left to be improved. Electric vehicles help you save money and keep the environment clean. On a cost-per-mile basis, a fully electric car costs a quarter or less than conventional petrol or diesel car.

Benefits of electric vehicles

Operating costs are reduced

The cost of operating an electric vehicle is less as compared to petrol and diesel vehicles. Electric vehicles do not use fossil fuels, in which electricity is used to charge the battery. Electric vehicles are more efficient than petrol or diesel vehicles and cost less in electric vehicles than diesel and petrol vehicles. Electric cars are air pollution free which can be made environment friendly.

Low-cost maintenance

The maintenance cost in electric vehicles is very less. The service requirement in electric vehicles is very less, due to which the maintenance cost is less as compared to petrol and diesel vehicles. Due to the regenerative braking system, the brakes of electric vehicles last for a long time and their cost is also negligible.

Electric vehicles are simple to operate and are quite quiet

Electric vehicles do not have gears, so there is no problem in driving electric vehicles. With no gears, it doesn’t have complicated controls, just brakes, speed, steering. Electric vehicles do not even have the problem of charging, you can charge it at your home or public places. Electric vehicles also reduce noise pollution and air pollution.

better for the environment

The biggest source of climate pollution in all countries? is transportation. To reduce climate pollution, we need to make vehicles clean. The emissions from petrol and diesel vehicles are not only harmful to the earth but also very harmful to our health. Asthma, cancer, and air pollutants from vehicles powered by petrol and diesel are the leading causes of death. Electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions which make them contribute to making the environment cleaner and better than petrol or diesel cars. Lower emissions mean a reduction in greenhouse gases and enable the move to renewable sources.


Advanced batteries are used in electric vehicles which is very beneficial for our environment. Batteries for electric vehicles are designed in an innovative way. The battery life of electric vehicles ranges from 12 to 15 years in moderate climates and 8 to 12 years in extreme climates. Before knowing about battery life and warranty, one has to know the model of the vehicle. All-electric vehicles have different battery life and warranties.

Charging at home is quick and simple

Charging an electric vehicle is very easy. You can charge it at your home or outside the charging station. Charging an electric vehicle at home is very simple, fast, and economical. Once installed, you can easily charge your EV by plugging in the charging cable. Charging an electric vehicle is as easy as charging a mobile phone. Most electric cars get fully charged in 5-10 hours using the 7kw charging port and your car is ready for a long journey. A rapid charger can charge your car even faster. Rapid chargers can charge most cars to about 80% in less than an hour.

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