The Eletre is built on an all-new electric premium architecture platform.

The 600-horsepower Eletre is capable of hitting 62 mph in under three seconds.

Elements of the design link the full-electric Eletre to the Emira and Aviza such as the front leading edge, layering of surfaces, and the rear full-width ribbon light that curves into the air outlet.

Lotus Eletre

It's a mix of racy content, cool ambient lighting, and multiple functions managed primarily through a giant touchscreen.

The black roof makes the Eletre look a lot sleeker and understated than the average SUV.

Two powerful electric motors, one on each axle, power the new Lotus Eletre SUV.

Lotus Eletre measures 200.9 inches in length, 87.8 inches in width and 64.2 inches in height

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