The company can soon launch the Hyundai Nexo FCEV in India.

Hyundai claims that its FCEV eco-friendly mobility solution purifies 99.9% of the air particulates passing through its air filters.

The SUV recently covered 778 km on a tankful, the world record for the longest distance covered by any hydrogen-powered vehicle.

Hyundai Nexo Interior

To give more room inside the cabin, it has been given a 2790mm long wheelbase.

According to a report, the width of Hyundai Nexo is 1860mm, length is 4670mm and height is 1630mm.

The SUV comes with autonomous driving function, which is similar to blind spot monitor, but this feature is available only in the global market model.

Hyundai Nexo price in India could be between Rs 55-65 Lakh.

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