Veteran automaker Tata Motors has launched the Dark Edition of its new car Safari in India.

Tata Safari Dark Edition, like other Dark Editions, sports a tri-arrow pattern with a black casing for the blacked-out front grille

Talking about the engine and gearbox of this car, the car has been given a 2.0 liter Cryotec turbo diesel engine.

Tata Safari

The Cabin Adventure of the Tata Safari comes with an all-black dashboard. The seats and trims get light gray upholstery.

The front and rear bumpers of the Tata Safari get completely blacked-out skid plates to match the overall bold and rugged look.

The Tata Safari is offered in both six- and seven-seater capacities, depending on the variant.

Tata Safari price starts from Rs. 15.35 lakhs and goes up to Rs. 23.56 lakhs.

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