If you prefer a more 'urban' look then head to the XUV700

The Scorpio-N looks more modern than its predecessor. It will sport an attractive design, bold and commanding driving position.

The floor height of the XUV700 is also low. This makes it very easy to get in and out.

The Scorpio-N has a side-step to get in/out more easily, yet you have to climb into the cabin

The cabin of the XUV700 will charm you like the Mercedes-Benz GLS with its ultra-wide twin screens and spacious panoramic sunroof.

Step into the Scorpio N, and you're seated in throne-like seats that let you soar above other road users and offer a great view outside.

The XUV700 is the more family-friendly pick of the two. It also offers more cabin space, a richer and more practical interior and better boot space.

If you use your SUV where there are no roads, maybe you work on construction sites/government projects in remote areas, then you need this Scorpio-N.

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